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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  July 12, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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next 9/11. and that will be the way they got in. >> great to see you. congratulations on the book. the book is "act of war" on sale tomorrow. we recommend it highly. >> well, if you have had it with them coming here, do you not have a heart? i am going to try to straighten us out and one thing for news organizations, they want us to stop using the term illegal. for matt lauer urging viewers to share their thoughts, and for them to say we don't even have the because apparently we don't have a border.
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and this whole $3.7 billion fix for tens of thousands of illegals and those are the more legally correct aliens. and they are not even real human beings. and they are simply saying stop.
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and the truth is we have a crisis of epic proportions. and we have a president in epic the mile. whether it's about illegal immigration or not. >> or about anyone criticizing health care law. >> people look made up their mind that they don't want to work. because they don't like the president. maybe he is the wrong color or something of that sort. and you're clueless if you don't, but those are just my thoughts.
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use the hash tag, neil cavuto, to tell me your thoughts. >> first of all, no words and you can throw that away. but let's add a complicit partner to this and this includes the constitution and they say they are going to give you 72 hours to cross. and now the open borders crowd or actively complicit in this crisis. and i've been saying this and do
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you want to be falsely compassion and upfront or long-term helping people fix their problems? there are problems in south america and they've been there longer than obama's term and for decades. and it was for repatriation efforts. and this includes taxpayer dollars to countries that don't use it. and if you come across our border, we will treat you and take care of your immediate medical needs.
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neil: it always comes back to being heartless or clueless or both, when in fact i know there is far more compassion shown to those who weren't even supposed to be here and taxpayers footing the bill while they are here. >> the left is on their game plan. hard-working americans who are concerned about protecting the integrity of our elections to the use of voter ids, those who want to restore the jim crow laws. those that want to exercise their first amendment rights to religious liberties whether the hobby lobby or those that are
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said to be waging a war on women. so now we have this adulation as well and we cannot let their narrative when the day. and especially accepting this narrative for those who want to uphold the rule blog. >> what happens is we changed
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what is reality it's the only time that the associated press don't use the term illegal because they find it offensive. and there is a real reluctance on the part of others to frame what is going on at the border crisis. and there's a lot of impressionable people here that they maybe it is a fixation on the right or the tea partiers and maybe it's not so bad after all. maybe tens of thousands come here and there is no sense or signed we can get them back to where they came from, or for that matter how that works. so you have to wonder who is the crazy one. >> absolutely. we are dealing with is firsthand here in texas.
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and so what they have been able to do is to teach these people to say that they are fleeing an abusive parent, which gives them the right to come in and stay in this country. but the people that are being bussed in, they are saying these children are heard, they are fleeing, they need help. only one to of the people being bussed in our children. so let's talk about this for a second. some as young as eight years old are being processed as child refugees. some of these people have even admitted to helping this. >> there are legitimate stress cases and i will even try to buy that, but what i won't buy is this notion that if you are
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against spending more money to address the problem, you are somehow talentless. so the war on poverty, the guy said stop this because they're just as many hungry americans. and that guy is callous. >> monies with the liberals want to throw at us. it's what they claim that they will fix the problems with. he wants to blame for the problem with the latest in flux. and by the way cost about 4 billion. so why do we apply that? why don't when we bottleneck at? they are trying to conflate compassion as if they solve the problem and the economics of this are a reality for americans. the cost is 2.7 billion plus a year and that his medical and education and the cost about 24,000 on average across the country.
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and economically we are on fox business and this is a bad idea. neil: we are accounting for this $125 billion each yeargear, toys the same old talk.
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and so our borders are so porous that we put americans in families at risk. neil: not everyone in the mainstream media and that is why it causes enormous ripples and waves and then tsunami. when a very influential one says that this must stop. that this must stop. ♪
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>> the president tries to tell us that he was repeatedly stonewalled by the white house.
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>> so much levels of government are controlling information. >> the republicans or democrats, you never want to take them off. so a lot of the journalists today will hold back their fire just so they don't risk losing the interviewer access to the white house. >> are lapdogs that do what the government says so they don't lose sources.
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and we needed more pushback to break through these sophisticated techniques. and that is why we are speaking out now and now i'm wondering if it's almost irreversible. >> in the culture of journalism you are seen as weak if you whine and this is inside baseball and we shouldn't complain that sort of thing. and it's at the point where we've gotten so bad that we have to speak out.
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and we've gotten to a point where can we turn up at? i mean, that is a really good question, and we have to try. >> i think that you are quite right. either a republican or a democrat, you will never ever give in to see the senator and i will always be mentioning it and there is an attitude that we have to hide that we cannot buckle. neil: democrats pushing this equal pay for women and we had
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some pretty high-ranking ceos. we will be back right after this.
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>> following up on the war on women. pushing legislation to demand equal pay for women, saying that
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if women want those wages they need to work for them. our fox business all-stars are here. or are you saying that there is no inequality in this here? >> absolutely agree that there is not parity in the world of business for women and the way that they get paid. and i think what americans are aware of, they try to move forward. so in the world of suppliers and doing business with them to corporate america, many corporations are very involved
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in our organization, specifically looking to do business with women business suppliers and it's not a hand out, it's been helping with resources that enter the capacity and the skill set are such that they can actually compete for the business. so it'll about competition and performance in all about this. >> whatever type of person i would just make the comment that if you look at any area, you're going to quickly find the population in the united states and women are typically not paid the same are given the same opportunity and don't have the capital to businesses to grow their business with and she's
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not here to legislate and it seems like it's another very disturbing message to women. and they are saying that they need the government and you're treating them as a victim and a helpless individual and they it can only get ahead with a government handout. and i think that there's is a women engineer outcomes and women tend to not choose to voice this. a lot of them choose to stay home with their children and these are women engineers. >> i absolutely agree. when you dig into the numbers of these variables, what occupations and if they choose to have kids and we should
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encourage society to go into higher paying occupations. so that is a much more adaptive challenge than just a cosmetic putting women at the top. >> i think that this is perpetuated by democrats and the reality is if you look at the studies. >> and this is the point i'm making. and a lot of them don't take in a couple of different variables. they're going to take in the type of job to be a mother and stay at home with your kids.
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>> the increases are much more dramatic for women than they had been but would he think of that? >> i completely agree. the white house was caught by its own trap and they said it's because of all these variables. >> and they were alive and while. >> is that some of us want to go ahead and get exercise a to have a child. this is what they do and that creates cost. so the question of what our society wants to do. >> i totally agree that we should go with this and there are people that want to help this.
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>> young women are educated at higher rates than men. and many of them make more than their counterparts and if you look at the way it breaks down, it's not true. and if there's anything we need and if there's anything we need to do this is where it should be. >> this weekend is the big movie and what of this one to call?
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♪ >> you know the fun movies and all of the robotic soldiers with real men and women. the pentagon is hooking up with hollywood studios and much more things are sophisticated than that. are there others that are saying that this is getting a little creepy so we wanted to weigh in on this. you are a real human hair. but i have to say at first when
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i heard this being discussed, i thought it was silly and then i started thinking that we have a lot of these other sophisticated armaments and so it's not a big step. >> my concern is that we don't have a lot of money to pay a lot of our soldiers and we have people in afghanistan thinking slips, and we have wanted to look out there and build things like this and i think there may be a role if you look at the ironman and that's a little questionable. were adding hundreds to a combat soldier in particular. to protect him them from the enemy. but the question is what they do with maneuverability and mobility and technology in their.
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neil: your fear is that we are misallocated our funds and we should be paying attention to more restoril concerns? >> i think right now today we are talking about letting these men and women of the service who are here to serve and we don't have enough money to pay for them that we have enough to pay for these other things, i see some of the big defense contractors for the robots that are going to replace human beings and it really irritates me because they have a way of getting in the system and never being able to push out and that is at the expense of our men and women who are actually serving. neil: when we go back to ronald reagan, certainly nothing like we do now. but he was obviously keeping his eye on the future and so there
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is some wisdom in this. >> if the economy turns around and some of these things may be the right places. but we are not looking over the horizon of any major conflict that we will need ironman for right now. and so the economy, if it turns around, but much of the private sector look at some application where they would be fine in the commercial sector for whatever reason and i don't know what they are, haven't thought about it, but you are a smart guy and you have a lot of smart people. were the private sector would put in money. but let's not have the government of money in it right now.
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>> it's not going to take long before they decided other side of the camera works. and so thank you, my friend, it's always good to see you. when we come back, it is one thing when you turn to watch the redskins. and then san francisco giants, and then san francisco giants, we are talking about that
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crestor is not right for everyone, like people with liver disease or women who are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant. tell your doctor about other medicines you're taking. call your doctor right away if you have muscle pain or weakness, feel unusually tired; have loss of appetite, upper belly pain, dark urine or yellowing of skin or eyes. these could be signs of rare but serious side effects. are you down with crestor!? ask your doctor if crestor could help you. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> i think that we are taking this a little too far. a native american headdress, the san francisco giants are contemplating what is offensive. but that is in the eye of our guests and the holder. the fox business all-stars are here. kristol, what are you saying?
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>> all i can do is shake my head when i found out about this. it's something that offends everybody every day, no matter what race you are or what gender you are, you can be offended and we also live in america where we have the freedom of the first amendment. so my reaction is, today it is a native american indian headdress, tomorrow could be people wearing hooters t-shirts. neil: i hope not. [laughter] >> but we went after people who had these longer, so how far does this go? >> i think it's and less. if i am someone from an african country, i might get offended if i go to a giants game.
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>> well put. neil: what do you think? >> i didn't use it in this way. but we have some great things. my great-grandmother, i think, was adopted by a mormon family and so i think if you are wearing a headdress in the way that it's meant to be worn it is incredible.
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>> i can be offensive to some others. >> it may differ with some others, but the san francisco giants are a private enterprise. >> and you had mentioned the redskins. born and raised in love than, give them a shout out. and i think that there is a pretty start difference between the two. >> i want to take this to the next level.
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and i'm a person who takes great offense at times, so i would like to add this. >> we have a seventh inning stretch. >> it certainly talks about the scantily clad women and animal rights as well, and others with endangered species but i really think they should back off? and the t-shirts barely covering it.
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>> it's all part of this diversion. thank you guys so much. including this region over smart watches. polls come out blood pressure, how many calories you burn, what about monitoring your kids? and i don't even want to know what my boys are up to.
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neil: i think the nsa would love this. this is lg doing something that
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is no creepy it actually might be cool. the company has a new wristband like a smart watch that lets parents track their kids and listen in on their conversations. back with lisa, what you think of this? >> i think there is a real problem with this because these tracking devices can be a substitution for parenting. so instead of learning to say we're told us they were extractor so from danger, do so. we want to or not. >> i don't think that there's anything wrong with knowing where your kids are. and there's a difference between listening to our kids and the
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creativity. and i have some nieces and nephews and my two old niece does not have any links to al qaeda that i know of. >> it's way different than anything an essay related and this is the parent's decision. >> i think as long as there is the stability and the choice of the consumer, i'm sure my parents was that they had. i was a pretty rambunctious child. neil: it's your choice and i
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really do have to keep track. >> these are the same technologies and i know there's a problem with that. but really, i think that i would feel more empowered as a parent and capability is one thing that i want to teach my child. >> i think that yes, make it optional at this point. if at any point this becomes something that we have to do,
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then i have a real problem with it. neil: so what is the deal with me. >> putting it together, propping you up, because none of them know that you died four years ago. and somehow they are keeping you going. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] if you suffer from a dry mouth
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>> >> what is meet popping up all over the don imus show this morning? >> is she there? >> yes. saris. >> what happened to her? >>. [laughter] with those obituaries. [laughter] this is no weirdest news. >> hello? >> hello? am i supposed to push a button? [laughter] >> by the way i am looking at a set. it looks like overeaters anonymous. >> el looks like a scene out of betelgeuse. >> who does your hair?
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>> what a wonderful morning spent making entertainment at its finest especially with out crotchety he was today. you had me laughing so hard this morning i almost had to pull the car over. >> good job. he needs is something slapped and until the hide the oxygen. >> i wanted to but he was to thousand miles away. so put this ranch in in new mexico where it is 150 degrees. >> what is the deal with the refusal to use of word illegal? if you worry here illegally you are the emigrant and illegal here as the illegal immigrant. >> brilliant. >> how about undocumented tourist? >> please stop hitting obama
8:56 pm
from instincts gimmicky got to be president of the united states. so they're not entirely empty suits. >> before they release our marines is the day obama will take the credit. >> as long as he is out of there i don't care who gets the credit. >> you say you don't understand why he didn't go to the border? >> i do. he does not care. and not to keep the immigrants of the country but just wants to house them? >> he doesn't do anything. what about any fix? >> the president doesn't want to secure the border and once illegals to flood the nation does nobody get it? >> his only objective if
8:57 pm
republicans maintain the house the next thing you will hear is a decision to declare martial law. >> get real stop giving him an out for not knowing what he is doing he does not understand he knows exactly what he is doing. >> it would cost less to buy a first-class plane fare them the $4 billion that obama wants to process them. spinning gear were not clerkly challenge you are intelligent and insightful something that the national leadership should subscribe to. >> does it all mean that all illegals coming into the country know will be covered by obamacare? >> you have not spent enough time in mexico they do not care about right or wrong or
8:58 pm
president asking for a prisoner release but only about the money. and comcast has had the issue with me. listen to your guest you freaking it be. >> thank you for not calling the fact. >> you are discussing with your manners when talking to someone on your show i have never seen so much to ask a question and interrupt them immediately. >> maybe a meg ryan and bill o'reilly. a cumene megan kelly. but i'm going out on a limb. i formally have fox news on the entire day but during your time slot i switch your idiotic color analogy i am green. >> double back at you. >> i love your afternoon
8:59 pm
peace on the photo ops the obama had the choice to see those kids eating beans were go to you to fund-raisers were donors are eating it too thousand dollars a plate. you cannot do both of those things on the same day. finally to take issue with that gun photo op if you look closely you will see the president shooting a shotgun and rifle was only one joke look at the end. idiocy that gold ring? a joke. no one shoots over and under shotgun without a choke unless you're only going to shoot one shot out of 1 barrel for the cameras.
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fatah what? you bet. >> i have no idea what the hell you are saying. really but i will take your word the rest of you, have a great night. ♪ ♪ >> corrupting the sanctity of their news coverage. john: what is fair? scaremongering? >> they made it up. >> we do not? >> we are running out of places. >> of you say something out loud, people take it as fact. john: these peoples that my opinions were not okay. and this one now works for fox. what will he tell me tonight? and


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